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NJ Toughest Anti-Bullying Law

July 13, 2011


Are you aware that NJ has one of the best and toughest anti-bullying laws in the country effective this September ? The 2009 report by the New Jersey Commission on Bullying in Schools helped push this law into reality. Do you feel like this law will help? Does this 2009 report portray your school’s environment? How will the law affect your classroom and/or teaching style? […]

When Will Our Schools Take a Stand Against Cyberbullying?

July 30, 2010


Research states that 4 out of 10 students are bullied online. To address this issue the Chicago Board of Education has passed a new Student Code of Conduct which states that cyberbullying is just as serious of an offense as drug use, gang activity, aggravated assault, and burglary. Thus, these new laws state that children […]